3 Y/O Inhaled Popcorn Kernel, Family Is Speaks Out About What Happened

The death of a child is incredibly tragic, but this family wants to ensure no other family goes through their pain.
In May 2016, Mirranda Grace Lawson inhaled a popcorn kernel at her mother’s birthday party and stopped breathing. Paramedics got her heart beating on their way to the hospital, but she had to be put on ventilators.


Soon after, doctors performed the Brain Death test and determined that while her physical body was still alive, she was brain dead. Her health deteriorated and six months later, she passed away.

Now, Mirranda’s family wants people to know the dangers of childhood choking. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, “Foods like grapes, popcorn and nuts can easily become lodged in a young child’s throat or lungs.” They recommend not giving children high risk foods until they are four years old, and to never let children run or play while eating.

Hopefully more of these tragedies can be prevented with this information.

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