This Comet Is Full of Alcohol – And Yes, You’re Able to Drink It!

What if Dionysus created a comet? That comet would be Comet Lovejoy.
Comet Lovejoy was discovered in 2014 by Terry Lovejoy of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It was later discovered that, in its travels, the comet was spewing ethyl alcohol – the same type of alcohol in alcoholic beverages. In fact, it pumps out the equivalent alcohol content of 500 bottles of wine every second.

Researchers say that the discovery of organic molecules supports the idea that comets could have the necessary components to support life.

Comet Lovejoy

There are no plans as of yet to harvest the alcohol, though. The only reason scientists know it’s there is because they examined it through a telescope. They waited for the comet to approach the sun, then used the telescope to examine the different frequencies of the molecules. Through this process, they were able to find 21 organic molecules in the comet. One of which was alcohol, which they estimate would be safe to drink.

While we may never be close enough to taste of its fine liquor, we can still raise a glass to the coolest, most hardcore comet ever to be discovered!

via CNN

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