Guy Fires A Kitchen Knife Attached To A Rocket At 150MPH To Try And Slice Things

TheBackYardScientist is a Youtube channel that does various experiments, as the name suggests, in his backyard. The experiments get more and more dangerous and this recent one he did, is pretty dang cool.
Inspired by a Mythbusters experiment, he attached a kitchen knife to aluminum as a rocket launcher, and propels it down a track at 150MPH.



While you may think a kitchen knife is flimsy and won’t cut through anything, when it propels at 150MPH, it actually cuts really well.

TheBackYardScientist first tries the knife on a toy truck, and sure enough, it sliced right down the middle splitting the truck in two.


He continues the experiment trying it on an entire chicken, a steak, and even a line of fruits.




Who knew a kitchen knife could be so strong. Check out the entire experiment below:

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