Incredible Dual Perspectives Of A Hang Glider Crash

The rise of durable portable video cameras has enabled some truly spectacular footage to find its way to millions of people worldwide. Some of the best ones involve soaring through the sky with a wing-suit or in today’s instance, a hang glider. Unfortunately, this particular video came with a shocking twist.

At 51 years old, Jon Gjerde is the world champion hang glider pilot and he was in Voss, Norway for the Extreme Sports Week, known locally as ‘Ekstremsportveko’. He was putting on quite the display for the crowd below when his glider snapped in mid-air. This is the footage from his perspective, and it’s quite intense.

Thankfully, Jon was able to deploy the emergency parachute and safely landed in the water. His only injuries were a pounding headache and bloodshot eyes. Needless to say he was thankful to live and fly another day. In his Facebook post, he also makes mention of how he could have done things differently to avoid the accident.

And in a world brimming with cellphone footage, there emerged the view of Jon’s crash as it was seen from the ground. This gives a new yet equally terrifying perspective to what Jon had to fight against in order to deploy his safety chute. Fortunately the only real damage done was to the hang glider itself; something more easily replaced than a human life.

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