Ordering an ‘Angel Shot’ at a Bar Could Save Your Life

Dating can be a fun, exciting adventure, but it can also be a hazard. In the world of online dating, people can lie about who they are and what they look like.
Recently, two teens saved a woman who had been kidnapped from a bar when she mouthed “help me” through the window of the car she was in.
This woman was lucky, but others like her could have benefitted from something called “Angel Shots”.

Angel shots are a code hidden in drink you can order at a Florida bar called the Iberian Rooster. If your date isn’t going well, just order an angel shot from the bartender and staff will rescue you. Order a neat, the bartender will get your car. Order on the rocks and an Uber will be called. Order with lime, the police are called.

This idea isn’t just in the USA, a bar in England has adopted the same method but call it Angela instead. Simply ask for Angela to discreetly get help.

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