She Finds Animals Trapped In Ice Wall, This is How They Got There

These are fish. Very dead fish.
They were found by Kelly Preheim, frozen in a vertical wave of ice.

Fish Art 2

Preheim told CBC News that she was out watching birds when she saw it. She said while she only captured about 10-15 fish in the photo, there were thousands.

The wall of fishcicles was about 4 feet tall.

This photo I took in March 2015 has become big news lately!  It has been on the US Fish Wildlife Facebook page as well as the US Dep't. of the Interior's FB page.  I wish I had taken more photos that day.

This is what researchers think happened: the thick ice and heavy snow covered the surface of the water so that the sunlight couldn’t grow the algae. The fish would have starved to death and floated to the surface. Later when the ice broke and washed ashore, the fish were stuck in it.

According to Preheim, it was the most awful thing she’s ever smelled.

via CBC

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