The Scientific Explanation Behind The ‘Sixth Sense’ That Dogs Have

There are times when we read about an apparent ‘sixth sense’ that is present in our canine companions. In truth, it’s not exactly an extra sense that they have and we don’t, but rather some of their senses — especially smell and hearing — are just so far above ours that it borders on the magical. Their heightened abilities enable them to do eight incredible things.

#1. Dogs Can Smell Cancer And Disease
Everything on earth has a scent, whether we can detect it or not. It turns out that many dogs can smell potentially harmful organic compounds in our sweat due to their sensitive noses. Their noses are so sensitive, that they can smell a teaspoon of sugar in a million gallons of water!

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#2. Dogs Can Smell Pregnancy
When a woman becomes pregnant, her hormones shift and her body chemistry changes. As a byproduct, her body odor changes as well. Dogs can smell this change and many women report their pooches becoming more protective and constantly sniffing their belly when they were pregnant.

Pregnant Girl with a dog

#3. Dogs Can Hear Natural Disasters Before They Happen
Their ability to hear higher and lower frequencies than us give dogs an advantage when a natural disaster is about to strike. Whether it’s a tsunami or an earthquakes, dogs will often begin acting strange and anxious in the lead up to a natural disaster.


#4. A Lot Of Dogs Can Tell Which Humans Are Kind Or Mean
A lot of people don’t trust other people that their dogs don’t like. As it turns out, this advice should be taken to heart. Researchers at the University of Milan in Italy had dogs observe two different groups of people interacting with a homeless man. The dogs warmed up to and trusted those who were kind, but shied away from those who had grown angry at the homeless man.


#5. Dogs Can Sense Threats And Animosity From People
Don’t ever mess with someone a dog has chosen to protect. Even the most gentle and mild mannered of dogs can transform into a ferocious spectacle of claws and teeth if they sense a threat to a member of their pack. Some scientists believe that such actions can stem from a dog being able to smell the levels of serotonin and dopamine as someone’s mood changes, potentially allowing them to sense the threat.

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#6. Some Dogs Can Smell An Impending Diabetes Attack
More and more dogs and being trained to hone in this ability that allows them to alert their owners if they have Type 1 diabetes. By sensing the changing body chemistry, the dogs can alert their owner to signs of low blood sugar. Similar dogs are being trained for people prone to seizures.

Hope the diabetic alert dog

#7. Dogs Are Great For Helping Deal With Depression
Dogs are far more inclined to approach a person that is crying than one that seems happy according to researchers at the University of London. Their instincts lead them to see that we have “lowered our guard” and are vulnerable, so the dogs will often cuddle, lie down near them and even lick away tears.

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#8. Dogs Can Tell When You’re About To Go Into Labor
Similar to an earlier point about pregnancy and changing chemicals and hormones in the body, many dogs will become restless and anxious in the days and hours leading up to labor. Looks like dogs aren’t just Man’s best friend, but Woman’s best friend as well!


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