Thief Swallows Gold Chain, Police Force-Feed Him 48 Bananas To Recover It

India is a country of over one billion people and is a nation of contrasts. A variety of peoples, languages, religions, and climates can be found across India. There can be amazing development and while there is a growing middle class, millions are still mired in poverty. As a result, crime is a rather common occurrence throughout India.


In India’s largest city of Mumbai, the local police came up with a very unique – and very gross – solution to recovering a stolen gold chain from a thief. After getting x-rays that confirmed the thief had swallowed the gold chain, they proceeded to force-feed him 48 bananas and waited until he excreted it.


This isn’t the first time Mumbai police have used bananas and other foods to relieve thieves of their stolen goods. In April of 2015, a different thief was fed 60 bananas and liquids in an attempt to remove a valuable gold chain. Later in July of 2015, another thief used bananas, milk, and laxatives to relieve himself of a valuable piece of jewelry.

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