This is What Would Really Happen To Your Body in A Volcano

Did you know fire mountains can kill you? Seems obvious, doesn’t it? But do you know HOW they kill you?
Thanks to experiments and a few unfortunate souls who fell into volcanos, we can tell you.
If the lava is thick, you’ll die sinking into the molten rock as the heat causes organ failure. Whether they shut down from heat stress or the lava physically melts them away, you’re not long for this world.
However, there are different kinds of lava, so the method of death will be different based on temperature. Most lava is around 1,832 degrees fahrenheit, and it’s very sticky. If you fall into average lava, it will stick to you like glue as you slowly sink into the dense goop. This heat will only destroy the top layer of your skin, but will melt your nerve endings and blood vessels. Your body fat will then be broiled off. So, basically, if you’ve ever seared a ribeye steak that would be you.

Your skeleton would eventually be melted until there’s nothing left. Sound painful? Don’t worry, the toxic gas will likely knock you out before you feel much.

Check out the video to see more of what would happen.

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